ET Premiere – ‘Footloose’ By Blake Shelton [VIDEO]
I remember going to theater to see the original "Footloose" movie when I was in Junior High school.  The theater was packed with teenagers like myself and wow it was such a fun movie.  I admit I'm a bit curious how the remake will play out on the big screen...
Julianne Hough Lip Synchs Footloose [Video]
So the new Blake Shelton video for his version of the song Footloose had its premiere tonight on Entertainment Tonight.  In my search to find it on the internet for you, I came across this one of Julianne Hough with internet famous Keenan Cahill lip synching to the song.
Blake Shelton Cuts Footloose
You've heard that they're remaking the movie 'Footloose'. You may have seen the trailer for the upcoming movie.  You probably heard that Blake Shelton has redone the theme song to the movie.  Now would you like to hear how it sounds?
Sneak Peek Into The New Movie Footloose [Video]
I remember watching the original Footloose with Kevin Bacon with my sister when I was a kid.  We watched it over and over.  So when I heard that Julianne Hough was starring in the remake, I was curious about how it would be done.