Ford Motor Company

Give Ford Credit For This Standard Work Practice
It was pretty much standard in almost every American industry back in the early 1900’s – you’d work six days a week and often it was 10 hours a day. But it was the Ford Motor Company that changed all of that on this date in 1926.
Edsel – Dale’s Daily Data
It was back in the early 1950’s when the Ford Motor Company began development of what they called the “E” car. “E” standing for experimental. The designers were instructed to create a car that was highly recognizable from every …
Race Car Driver Henry Ford – Dale’s Daily Data
Auto racing has the biggest fan following in the world.  More fans attend car races than any other sport.  And on this date in 1901 Henry Ford himself drove in a car race at Grosse Point, Michigan for the first and last time.  Ford had a talent for building and promoting cars, but in the early years…
Best Ford Commercial Ever
In honor of Veterans Day today, I thought this would be extremely appropriate.  It got me pretty choked up.  It might do the same for you too.