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This Dog Has the Right Idea – Relaxing in the Pool
On warm days it's always nice to relax on a raft in the pool. This dog has the life. I get the feeling he has done this a few times. Check out this cute video.
Sometimes you just want to take your teddy bear into the pool and drift away from all your troubles...
Check Out The Awesome Calls of This Bird
The sounds are unreal coming from this bird.  The Lyrebird is the only bird that does not have it's own call. Each bird has a unique call made up of the sounds in it's vicinity, including other birds, chain saws, camera motors and clicks and anything else it hears...
Chicks Swimming With a Pitbull = Adorable [VIDEO]
We have a long way to go until we're able to swim in a pool.  As you know this winter has been unbearable with a lot of snow and frigid temps.  So lets put a smile on our face and think of warmer days and little happy chicks in the pool with a pitbull LOL...
Pets Try To Fit In Small Places – Funny Video!
I've had my new kitten for a few weeks now and see her do some crazy things like trying to a Bo and Luke Duke slide across the hardwood floor.  She's pretty little so she fits is some small spaces, but when cats and puppies get bigger they still think they're able to squeeze in a…
Cat Goes Ice Fishing – Cute Video
Well this made me laugh out loud.  This cat thinks getting these fish is going to be easy.  Not so fast kitty - that's ice!! How cute is this video? Love it!
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This Cat Thinks He’s A Dog [VIDEO]
Just as the title says....This cat thinks he's a dog.  Maybe he wants to run with the BIG DOGS and is trying his darnedest to make it happen by speaking their language.  WOW!! Maybe this cup of coffee is too strong. LOL   Ahh. whatever....It's a Friiday!
What Animals Are Really Thinking [Video]
This video is from the UK on a show called, "Walk On The Wild Side."  I know it's pretty simple but it cracked me up.  So I figured I'd share it with you.  If you've got some time to kill, check out what animals are really thinking.