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Couple Posts The Worst Karaoke Covers On YouTube [VIDEO]
I'll admit it.  My family loves karaoke.  Some of my favorite nights involved my family out singing together.  I've heard some terrible karaoke in my day.  But to be fair, I've also heard some incredible singers that really fly under the radar.  This couple do…
Why I Love The “Kids Prank Cops” Video [VIDEO]
Let's be honest.  Cops have been picked apart for the last couple years about everything they do.  I will say right now that I support the police.  I have watched way too many videos that show "bad cops" and people are getting the wrong idea about what they do.
Chicks Swimming With a Pitbull = Adorable [VIDEO]
We have a long way to go until we're able to swim in a pool.  As you know this winter has been unbearable with a lot of snow and frigid temps.  So lets put a smile on our face and think of warmer days and little happy chicks in the pool with a pitbull LOL...

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