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The Bills Are The Best Team In The League [VIDEO]
This one was a little bit hard to take as a Bills fan.  It's not easy to hear someone make a joke about how terrible your team is and have to just kind of...agree.  Just check out the bit, he says that they're the best in the league,but it's not for the reason that you might…
Cattle Auctioneer Or Rap God? [VIDEO]
I have always been blown away by the talent of auctioneers. Obviously they can talk very fast, but what's impressive is that they can still convey their message. People still know what the heck they're saying.
19 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You [VIDEO]
You know the phrase "No matter how bad you think things are for you, there's always someone out there that has it worse"? I know Mondays aren't easy for people, but I don't want you to feel so bad about your day. So here are 19 people who are having a worse day at wo…
Two Girls Get Punked On The Slingshot Ride [VIDEO]
Amusement park season is coming. Parks are opening, and before you know it, we will be filling them up to get our thrill on.
Check out these two ladies as they ride the slingshot ride and the operator gives them a little extra thrill for their money.
Man Is Nearly Killed Knocking Down A Silo [VIDEO]
I guess I've never put any thought into how a silo comes down after it's no longer needed.  Please don't try this...ever.  Instead, watch as this guy tries to demolish his silo with a sledge hammer.  The advice that he received to get it done?  "Keep worki…

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