Play Ms. PAC-MAN Around WYRK in Downtown Buffalo
Every once in awhile something cool happens on your computer and now it's happening in Buffalo. This "Ms. PAC-MAN" feature in Google Maps has been around for awhile but never before could you play it on a map of Buffalo. It looks like that changed recently because now you can …
Hilarious Party Game – Panty Hose Bowling [VIDEO]
This would be hilarious at a party! Especially, after a few drinks – this could get really good.
These women were feeling particularly creative one day and decided to create a new game to play. With everyday items that they could find around the house, they created a race to see who could bowl down t…
Check Out the Ultimate Beer Pong Table
Most likely last time you played beer pong there weren't any flashing lights or sensors that kept time with the tunes to which you were jamming. Check out this extravagant beer pong table a young man made in his basement; we apologize for the jealousy you're likely to feel.

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