Gary Allan

Gary Allan Working on First New Album in Two Years
Good news for Gary Allan fans who have been burning holes into their copies of his last eight albums. New music is finally on its way, and it could be in your hands as soon as this year! Earlier this week (Feb. 27), Allan held a press conference in Nashville from his high-end mens clothing boutique,…
Jam In The Valley Starts Today!
It's one of the biggest country events of the summer! Jam In The Valleystarts today and runs through tomorrow! if you have never been there, I suggest you try to make it to at least one of the shows. Today's weather looks absolutely perfect for the start of one of the best Independence Day…
Clay’s Top 5 Country Songs About Rain
When I let Pepper out this morning we were greeted by a good old fashioned down pour.The first thing I thought was how awful of a first day it is for the youth spring turkey hunt. Then for some reason I started to sing Gary Allan's "Songs About Rain."

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