Gingerbread house

Gingerbread Project, Part 5 — The Grand Tour [VIDEO]
Finally, our gingerbread creations are done, and you get to decide which one is best.  But before you do, check out the video and take a tour of the two designs. Dale has an amenity-loaded gingerbread house, while Clay went the eco-friendly route. Find out what the features are.
Clay and Dale Decorate Gingerbread Houses [VIDEO]
What do Clay and I know about Christmas baking and cake decorating? Not much, but we’re willing to take on almost anything new like the offer to decorate gingerbread houses. How hard could that be? It’s not unless you want it to look good so the two of us have a littl…
The Making Of An ‘Angry Birds’ Gingerbread House [Video]
After years of having the oldest cell phone on the block, this year I my family surprised me with a new iPhone.  It's the first smartphone I've ever had and so I finally got to check out the game that everybody was talking about (except me) called 'Angry Birds'.  It&apo…