Man May Get Jail Time For Doing Something Rob Did Too
One day I was going to help one of our new employees here move into their house, which was off Niagara Street in Buffalo -- not too far from the Peace Bridge. I was well on my way until I made a wrong turn onto a one-way street that, of course, led me to the Peace Bridge.
How To Open A Beer With A Shotgun [VIDEO]
I don't really have to explain this one too much. The video is exactly what the title says. Although it's pretty cool to see, please don't try it. This would be a good example of someone who's not really a responsible gun owner.
3 Students Shot at Pittsburgh High School
Just after the school day ended at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, several gunmen dressed in black shot three students as they were leaving the building. All three victims are alive and in stable condition, receiving treatment at local hospitals.

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