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Andre Reed Named As A Finalist for The Hall of Fame
Andre Reed is one of my all time favorite Buffalo Bills.  I think that it's a shame that he has been passed up for the Hall of Fame for 8 seasons in a row now.  This year, he's got another shot at the yellow jacket.  According to the Buffalo Bills he has been named to t…
Garth Brooks Headed For The Big Time
So if you had to pick a favorite Garth Brooks song, what would it be?  Hard to answer right?  Would it be a sad one?  A slow love song? Or a honky ton-kin good time song?  For me it would depend on the mood I am in.  I think when it comes down to it, it is all about the relate-ability of the words. …
Jim Kelly’s Stolen Ring Returned!
Anyone who has ever had something taken from them will tell you they feel violated more than just a victim of crime. Former Bills QB Jim Kelly was recently a victim of a car break in.