Best Places to Get Pumpkins in Buffalo – Our Top Five
Well not all of these places are within the borders of the city of Buffalo but all are just a short drive away.  Western New York is lucky to have such great local farms that provide us with not only pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but they also provide us with a place to go with our f…
5 Storied Haunted Places in Buffalo
Buffalo is a pretty old city with a rather colorful past and a penchant for demolishing historic buildings and turning them into fast food restaurants and parking lots. So naturally Buffalo has a few old souls still hanging around with something on their minds...
Zombies Take Over Country Music!
Oh no! In what seems to be a Halloween takeover, zombies have descended on Nashville. Officials are warning area residents -- and country music fans in general -- to stay away from any artist suspected to have a taste for flesh.

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