My Resolution: Be Prepared
So here we go...we're three weeks into the new year and I'm still holding on to that resolution to make myself healthier.  I promised that I would open my life up to you and give you some of the things that I do and that continues this week with being prepared.
My Resolution: I’m Going To Add Things To My Life [VIDEO]
Last week, I posted that I was going to make some changes to my life.  It starts now.  I promised you that I would hold myself accountable by posting videos of some of the things that I was doing.  So here we go, it's video number one of what will hopefully be many.
New Male Birth Control Is Coming; Would You Get This [POLL]
A new male birth control is on it's way after being under development for years. 'Vasalgel' will replace condoms for reproductive reasons, but not for protecting diseases. The new 'gel' will not block STD's.
According to the Health Channel's YouTube:
Developers hope…

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