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High School Charges Parents To Attend Graduation Ceremony [VIDEO]
Imagine going to your child's high school graduation. You want to sit up close. I mean, nobody ever really wants to sit in the back or behind a bunch of other people. Sometimes, it's hard enough just to get everyone in your family a ticket to attend high school graduations in some sch…
62 Students Arrested In High School Senior Prank [VIDEO]
They ended up crying and they might just have deserved what they got.
62 students at a New Jersey High School thought they were 'pranking' for their Senior Prank but, they seemed to just destroy the school. I'm not too sure what part of this they thought was funny...
Pair With Down Syndrome Make History In Florida
How awesome? This just proves that high school cliches don't always apply.
Two students with down syndrome were elected West Orange High School's homecoming king and queen this week.
According to WFTV:
The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida said that it was the first time two …
11 Hilariously Creative Homework Responses
Back-to-school season is well underway, which also means homework is once again a reality. Ugh, major bummer. But when you're a youngster, homework isn't all that bad! That's because kids make it way less boring by being straight up and honest (read: hilarious).

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