Blackhawks Fan Grows Playoff Lawn, City Cuts It
The Stanley Cup Finals begin Wednesday night in Chicago when the Blackhawks face the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the NHL's championship series. If Chicago loses, its fans may storm the offices of the city of nearby Park Ridge, Ill. in protest because the suburb's leaders obviously don'…
Buffalo Included On List of Cities That Should Quit Sports
Being a sports fan is easy when you are supporting winning teams...but it takes a lot to support a constantly losing team!
According to this article from Guy Code on MTV, Buffalo is #4 on the list of 5 Cities That Should Quit at Sports. The article states "these five cities need to do everyb…
Couple Breaks Up in Epic Kiss Cam Dispute
Real or not real, this is officially the best part of going to a Grizzlies game -- watching people break up on the Kiss Cam. Unless, of course, you're the guy who got dumped, in which case this is probably the worst part of going to a Grizzlies game.

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