Penguins Embarrass The Sabres
There are times when I'm embarrassed to admit I'm a Buffalo Sabres fan -- like this whole season. What a mess of a team.
There is some talent, but obviously not enough, and that's thanks to the mismanagement of the joker who was general manager for way too long.
Sabres Fall To Caps In OT
For the third time in a month, the Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals couldn't settle their game in regulation time. After the Sabres won the two previous games 2-1 in shootouts, the Capitals finally beat the Sabres when they scored in overtime to win 5-4.
Sabres Come Up Short Again
What did Buffalo hockey fans do to deserve such a God-awful hockey team? The Sabres are the worst team in the league this season, and they haven't been all that hot for the past decade, but how much can you take?
Sabres Lose With Seconds To Play
The Buffalo Sabres are having a tough enough time winning games this season that they don't need to give them away. But that's what happened Tuesday night against the Philadelphia Flyers, when two dumb penalties by the Sabres' Zenon Konopka led to a pair of Flyers power play goal…
Sabres Beat Bruins For Second Straight Win
They'd been showing signs of playing better, but the results weren't there. The Buffalo Sabres weren't scoring goals and weren't winning games. In the last two games, that's all changed, and Thursday night's game against the Boston Bruins was one of their best efforts o…

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