Hometown Hero

We know the most ridiculous facts about our favorite athletes, singers and celebrities — but not much about the people who are giving us the freedom to enjoy such luxuries. So WYRK is giving the soldiers who are currently fighting or have fought in the past some recognition by choosing a new Hometown Hero each Friday and featuring them here on WYRK.com. The first song of Noon Tunes is dedicated to them as well. Jims Steakout will be offering a Pizza Steak Hero in honor of WNY Heroes. $1 from each Hero sold will be donated to the WNY Heroes organization!

Joseph Eddy Is This Week’s Hometown Hero!
It’s time once again for our Hometown Hero, brought to you by Keller Chevrolet and Batavia Downs gaming. This Week’s Hometown Hero is originally from Niagara Falls. It’s 43 year old retired Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Eddy!
Daniel Henderson Is This Week’s Hometown Hero!
It's time for this week's Hometown Hero -- brought to you by Keller Chevrolet and Batavia Downs Gaming. Today's Hometown Hero comes to us originally from Alexander. He has already served for six years in the Army so far, and he's still counting. Our Hometown Hero is Sergeant Dani…

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