10 Belly Flop GIFs to Improve Your Summer
Ahh, summer. 'Tis the season of watermelon art, diving fails and-- you guessed it-- belly flops. When we were kids, this pool move was awesome. But nowadays... who are we kidding? It's still (painfully) awesome!
Teachers “Video Bombing” Their Students [VIDEO]
Teachers often have to deal with unruly students and even more unruly parents.  With all the pressure that teachers feel, it's nice to see them let off a little harmless steam every now and then.  Check out these teachers "video bombing" their students.
People Buying Fresh Meat [VIDEO]
Even though this video is not in English, the humor comes through perfectly. Would you buy your meat from this butcher? He guarantees his cuts are totally fresh. Maybe we could get this guy a booth at the Broadway market.