Wow–Watch This Guy Kill 3 Ducks In One Shot [VIDEO]
I did some skeet shooting yesterday and I was----horrible. As a matter of fact, at one point I even thought maybe I'm left handed and am looking out of the wrong eye. Anyway, everyone was going duck hunting so, it led to this video.
I couldn't hit one duck, but this guy killed 3 in one shot…
Did Liz’s Turkey Call Result in a Turkey? [VIDEO]
When we visited Quaker Boy they us make our own Turkey Calls! I was told she made it so well they would actually be able to sell it! (Clay and Dale did not receive that comment, lol.) I decided to gift mine to a family friend who actually hunts turkey
13 Year Old’s Bow Shot Gets Massive Elk
WARNING: Not for sensitive eyes and souls.
A 13-year-old, Clayton Coyle had the "greatest hunt of his life" when he hit this massive bull one morning in the woods. On his YouTube page, Coyle said:
My name is Clayton Coyle, ive hunted since i was about 5 years old...
Hunters Share Reasons for Not Seeing Deer in Western New York
I have hunted in four of the eight counties in Western New York this season and have been in the woods just about every day since the opening day of archery season on October 1st.
Although I have been seeing deer here and there, it seems to me that the numbers of deer are down.
Going Hunting? Don’t Be This Guy! [VIDEO]
Dude Perfect is a Youtube channel that started out making trick shots in just about every sport.  From basketball to bowling, they covered just about all of them.  Now they've gotten really good at pointing out stereotypes in sports like fishing and their latest attempt....hunting.
Kristy Lee Cook’s Trophy Mule Deer [PHOTO]
Hunting in the western states is an incredible experience. The beauty of the landscape is something that just doesn't translate well in pictures. Kristy Lee Cook spent a few days in The Northwest and was able to be successful on a mule deer hunt.

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