Hunting, Trapping + Archery Training Classes in Erie County
I know a lot of our listeners love to hunt and have already been through these classes.  But if you're new to hunting or you want to get started, it's always best to learn how to do it safely. Here are a list of the training locations and classes for Erie County in 2013.
Worst Hunting Partner Ever! [VIDEO]
Hunting buddies are supposed to be the ones that come with you to help you out.  Either that, or they're the ones that keep the chili warm and the beer cold.  The last thing you want is someone who would do this to you right about the time you're getting ready to pull the trigger…
The WYRK Adventure Wall Is Back!
It's the best time of year! The time of year when families get together, stories are shared and memories are made! That's right, hunting season has arrived in Western New York. Get ready to brag a little and share those stories and memories! Send us your photos!!
Clay Ends 8-Year “Buckless Streak” [PICTURE]
I have been hunting since I was 12 years old and have to say that this past weekend will go down in my history book as one of my favorite weekends of hunting I can remember.  I finally ended an archery "buckless streak."
Williamsville Bowhunters Enjoy Success
It was an awesome weekend for three Williamsville bowhunters. Matthew Vizzi harvested his first deer with the bow. Matthew was hunting with his dad Don and our good friend Brian Bennett in Caneadea, NY in Allegany country. Congratulations Matt...

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