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Perry’s Ice Cream Releases New Flavors
It might not feel like it, but it is spring in Western New York and that means new flavors from Perry's Ice Cream. With One Buffalo being a hit, I'm pretty excited to try the new flavors they came up with this time! Perry's states these flavors are "suppor…
New Ice Cream Glows In The Dark!
Just in case you've ever sat in bed and thought to yourself in the dark, "Man, could I ever go for some ice cream, but it's so dark, and I'd hate to turn on the lights," I've found the product for you! It's ice cream that glows in the dark!
July Is National Ice Cream Month!
July is National Ice Cream month – it was a special decree by President Reagan in 1984.
There’s an old story that George Washington liked ice cream so much that he ran up a $200 bill for ice cream one summer.
Thomas Jefferson was a big fan of ice cream too. He wrote down the reci…

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