Brilliant Lawn Mowing Technique [VIDEO]
I really enjoy mowing my lawn. You wouldn't know it though because I rarely have time to do it. It can really be a tedious chore for some people. This person invented a way to have your lawn mowed and not even have to physically walk the mower around the yard.
This Could Be The Best Invention In Years….[VIDEO]
This video had to be posted for all you early risers who need their coffee fix!  It is a new invention called the "Coffee Faucet"..(I believe) and it's made by a group called Top Brewer.  After seeing this video you will want one built into your kitchen.  Honest…
[Video] Are We, As Americans, Too Lazy To Squirt Our Own Ketchup?
Remember the good ole days when people used to get up to turn the TV channel, cook a meal on the stove (as opposed to the microwave) and manually put condiments on hot dogs!!   Man, I remember...I remember.  This video takes American laziness to the next level.....Check it.....