As folks know, my wife and I love our fur-babies. We have been blessed with many wonderful cats, dogs and horses over the years. Now, with that said, for as much as we adore our "kids", we don't post our that it's our kitty's 2nd birthday on Facebook or Twitter. Howe…
Dierks Bentley’s Dog Has Been Found!!!
Dierks Bentley's poor pup went missing over the weekend.  We found this out yesterday via Twitter, when Dierks posted about losing his trusty dog Jake.  The tweet was sent out around 9pm...this is what Dierks wrote ..
Talking Turkey With John La Mond – Scouting
Tomorrow is opening day of Spring Turkey Season here in Western New York. Many avid turkey hunters will be heading to the fields before sunrise in hopes of harvesting a jake or preferably a tom.
Turkey hunting is a very challenging hobby to say the least...