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5 Things That Tick Jason Aldean Off
Jason Aldean is one of country's elite right now, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get ticked off like the rest of us once in a while.
He recently sat down with Billboard and talked about the 5 things that really tick him off the most and, surprisingly, it had nothing to do with gettin…
Garth Brooks Praises Jason Aldean
Garth Brooks might be one of the most successful artists of all time in country music, but he admits even he is a fan sometimes. The singer shared at a press conference last week, before the opening night of his world tour, that he has a lot of respect for one of the current reigning hitmakers.
Taste of Style – Who Wears Summer Best?
This week, country's hottest stepped out with some of the best summer styles yet. From new hairstyles to vintage clothes, the week brought a lot of fabulous finds -- in fact the style was as eclectic as the music.

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