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Random Object Football Toss with Blake Shelton
In honor of the NFL season kicking off tonight, Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon compete in a football toss with random objects, including a bowl of eight-layer dip, a mega-phone, a sub, a manikin head and more!
Sweet! Watch Channel 2’s Scott Levin On Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
It's not every night you watch a National TV program and all the sudden the guy you watch on the news in Buffalo is on. Scott Levin from Channel 2 made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon and I'm still not sure how he kept a straight face.
According to WGRZ:
Along with other local news anchors from NBC stat…
Taylor Swift Totally Nerds Out on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ew!’
Jimmy Fallon has never been a teenage girl. Taylor Swift, however, has. Still, the veracity that Fallon brings to his performance as a teen in his fake-talk-show-within-a-talk-show, 'Ew!,' is pretty striking -- he somehow seems like more of a teenage girl than his guest, who was a teenage …

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