WNYer Wenzday Atemz Has Incredible Folgers Jingle
Any time I see a Western New Yorker on the big stage, I hope the most for them.  I think we have some of the most incredibly talented people on the planet, and I’m always so proud to show them off.  Like this lady, who was trying to win a jingle contest for Folgers coffee.
Do You Remember The Iroquois Beer “Polka Jingle”?
Buffalo brewer Iroquois closed their doors for good in the early 70's, but many of us still remember them. Iroquois beer had quite a following here in Buffalo. There are still many taverns here in the area that still have an Iroquois sign, beer tray or light on the wall...
Genesee Cream Ale Commercial Produced In Buffalo [VIDEO]
Thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier post about the Genesee Brewing Company reviving 12 Horse Ale. A lot of people facebooked me about it. One listener even sent me this Youtube video of a Genesee Cream Ale commercial that was put together by a couple of Buffalo guys who happen to be big G…