Josh Turner

The 5 Biggest Slow Country Wedding Songs This Summer
Need help picking a first dance for your fall wedding?  Being a DJ, I get to see a lot of weddings.  I'm at a new one every weekend.  So I get to see a lot of the country songs that are being requested, not only on the air, but also when people are at parties and want to dance.&n…
Josh Turner Is Right – Time Really Is Love
Josh Turner is so right with his new song.  Time really is love.  I used to work at a ski shop when I was just out of college and during the day while the skis were all out I was talking with the owner.  We were talking about wishes that we would make if we had the opportunity.  …
Josh Turner Co-Hosts ‘Today Show’ [VIDEO]
Those of us who work during the day didn’t get a chance to watch Josh Turner co-host the Today show with Hoda Kotb yesterday.  I thought I’d share some video highlights of the show.  Josh talks about being compared to Barry White, his family
The Top Reasons To Be At The WYRK Taste Of Country!
I was thinking about all the great reasons to attend the WYRK  Napa Autoparts  Taste Of Country this Friday night. We are giving away a Ford truck. We have 5 fantastic performers coming and we are having a couple meet on a blind date. But, other than that there are so many other great reas…
Taste of Country Concert Preview [VIDEOS]
Taste of Country is a little over two months away and fans are starting to get excited so we put this concert preview together in hopes of keeping them satisfied until June 3rd.

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