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Boy Gets Angry When Woman Takes His Bacon Away [VIDEO]
Wife Swap is an interesting social experiment television show.  They take a wife from one house and ask her to go live with another family while that family's mother/wife comes to live with hers.  It's amazing how one person can be the glue in a family.  The mom that lives with this family however h…
Will The Twinkies Be Saved??
It looks as if Hostess is avoiding a company shut down, at least for the time being.  Hostess and the Bakers Union have agreed to mediation.  The semi-good news comes after the maker of the popular "Twinkies" announced
Top 10 College Dorm Must Have Foods!
Oh what an emotional time of year. Kids going off to college, parents sobbing as they drop their babies off. I, for one, made the choice to get my college education in Buffalo. For those of you who are going out of town, or may be out of town, here is my list of the…..(inf...