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Backstage Observations During the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country
There are so many things that happen behind the scenes during a presentation as big as the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country each year.  Most of those things you'll never even notice, but it's just typical of what happens during a lot of big shows where thousands of people are waiting…
Songs You Need To Know For Taste of Country on Saturday!
Between all 5 of them they have nearly 50 hits, so it's no surprise that this is going to be one big sing-a-long coming up on Saturday. It's going to be beautiful on Saturday, too so, we'll be having some beer outside in the sunshine, listening to TONS country music with over 25,000 o…
A Surprising Side of TOC Buffalo Star Justin Moore
The WYRK Toyota Taste of Country is Saturday June 10th at Coca Cola Field. Among the stars you can see is Justin Moore! Field tickets (party zone) are almost sold out and if you need any more encouragement to be at this show, here is a video that may just do the trick.

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