kenny chesney

See the Worst Country Tattoos Ever [Watch]
Tattoos are becoming more and more prevalent these days, with many big fans wanting to show their love for their favorite country music artists in a very ... dedicated ... way. Unfortunately, sometimes that devotion can turn into something to be less than proud of.
Kenny Chensey Sports New Look: A Beard [PICTURES]
Check it out!! Kenny Chesney switching it up!
Kenny, who usually sports a clean-cut shave throughout his sold out summer tour must be switching it up for the winter. Of course though, he has a lot of time until his next tour since he isn't touring until 2014 so, maybe he's just testing out …
The Boys Of Fall Are Back!! [VIDEO]
There’s nothing like high school football. I mean it. There’s nothing like it. I know there are a lot of people who could care less. But if you’ve ever been on a football field under the lights on a Friday night, you might be able to understand.

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