WATCH: 4-Year-Old’s Duet With Dad Will Make Your Day [VIDEO]
I had to watch this over and over again. This one will make your heart melt. Four-year-old Claire and her dad may be getting a call from Ellen real soon after their duet of Toy Story's hit song 'You've Got A Friend'.
The two take turns trading verses (you can hear Claire double-ch…
WATCH: Twin Brother Saves His Brother When Dresser Falls On Him
This twin brother mustard up all the muscle he had in order to save his brother's life after the dresser in their room fell on top of him.
At first, the father did not want to post this video, but he decided to in order to spread awareness to other parents about securing and bolting dressers and…
Parents Set To Keep Other Couples’ Kids After Hospital Screw-Up
I have no clue what I would do in this situation.
Of course, the important question is: which parents?
Two children, a boy and a girl born in Johannesburg in 2010, were accidentally switched at birth.
The mix-up occurred when nurses accidentally confused the identity of the two children...
Guy Was On Facebook LIVE Guy When He Crashes 115 MPH
This is not for the weak stomach. For starters, he is still alive, although in the hospital.
A Driver in Providence, Rhode Island filmed himself driving at speeds over 115 mph while weaving through highway traffic before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into the back of a garbage truck...

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