12-Year-Old Brings Viagra fo School for All His Friends
I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I don't even know what to make of this story.
Somehow this young kid got a hold of his dad's Viagra pills and for whatever reason decided to go pass them out at school. All of the boys were either 12 or 13-years-old, so maybe they have the same probl…
Kid Kicked Off Plane + Everyone Claps – Rude? I Think So
People are so cruel, wouldn't you say?
A seven-year-old boy got kicked off a plane and people started applauding. Whether they knew the reason or not, it is still completely rude. He totally should have gotten off the plane, but there was good reason for it...
New York State Will Investigate Buffalo Bus Abuse Allegations
Buffalo Schools will have their bus drivers and system looked at inside and out while the State will be investigating two separate allegations of sexual abuse on their buses.
According to WGRZ:
The Buffalo lawmaker questioned whether the state's school bus drivers are properly trained to recognize and…
Woman Gives Birth at Subway and Leaves Baby Behind
Under California’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law, the parents or legal guardians of a newborn can turn in the child at a fire station, police station or hospital with no questions asked within three days of birth.
One woman, though, decided not to take this route...
13 Year Old’s Bow Shot Gets Massive Elk
WARNING: Not for sensitive eyes and souls.
A 13-year-old, Clayton Coyle had the "greatest hunt of his life" when he hit this massive bull one morning in the woods. On his YouTube page, Coyle said:
My name is Clayton Coyle, ive hunted since i was about 5 years old...
Horrible New Trend Finds 2 High Schoolers Dead
This has not only stumped police officers and health officials. It is an unfortunately trend that has swept some parts of the nation in high schools--drinking a mixture of racing fuel and mountain dew--a combination that is stronger that moonshine...

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