“Click It or Ticket” Campaign Starts Today In New York State
"Click It or Ticket" is a campaign to promote that wearing your seatbelt is the LAW. According to WIVB, both State and Local Police will be out for "the next two weeks, cracking down on people who don’t follow the seat belt laws." This means that officers will be on the lookout f…
New State Law Requires Vaccine for 7th, 12th Grade Students
As another school year kicks off, it's important that parents become aware of a new state law that has been implemented for 7th and 12th grade students.
According to WGRZ, students entering the grades seventh and twelfth grade attending public and charter schools, must receive a vaccin…
Is It Really Stealing? You Make The Call
Police in the Atlanta area charged a man with theft after they say he stole 5 cents worth of electricity to power up his electric car. While he was watching his son’s tennis game at the boy’s school, he plugged his Nissan Leaf into one of the school’s …
You May Have To Pay To Ride Your Bike!
Josh and I had a lot of calls from angry listeners about a new law that would require all bikes to have a license plate! would be charged to ride your bike in NYS!  I LOVE NY!!