New York State Movie Theaters May Be Selling Alcohol Soon
How great would this be!
Governor Cuomo proposed that New York State movie theaters be able to sell alcohol during showtimes, regardless if they have a kitchen and seating-area or not.
Right now New York law has kitchen and seating-area regulations if you're going to serve alcohol, but Cuomo says…
New York Proposes Free College
On Tuesday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed that New York give free college to students.
To qualify, the household must make less than $125,000 per year and the State will pay for students' education at state SUNY schools and universities...
Parents Suing Apple Over FaceTime That Caused Fatal Accident
A couple is suing Apple, the software giant, citing that FaceTime distracted a driver in a fatal crash.
James and Bethany Modisette are suing apple for failing to install and implement a "safer, alternative design" for FaceTime that would have helped to prevent a driver from using t…
New 2017 Breast-Cancer Screenings Laws
Governor Cuomo is stepping up to the plate even more for breast cancer screenings in 2017. Beginning immediately here are some of the important points to note.

Hospitals will have four additional morning, evening or weekend hours each week for screenings beginning this year
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New 2017 Law On The Road You Need To Know Immediately
You know when you are driving down the street and sometimes question whether or not that random pick up truck with lights on top is an emergency vehicle? Do I legally need to pull over for them when they're on the side of the road?
Starting on January 17 the answer is yes...
Tax On Soda May Be Happening in New York–Again
It's happening again--a push to get a tax on pop here in New York. Six years ago, a push was made to try and put some extra taxes on sugared drinks sold in the State, but was shut down, yet a similar tax was passed for New York City only--which, was also shut down eventually by New York State&a…
Propsed New York State Law May Screw up Drivers at Inspections
You may already get a ticket if you have this on your car, but now your car may not be able to go on the road at all.
We're talking tinted windows.
If you're pulled over because your windows are tinted too dark you may get a ticket. But if you have tints too dark on your car at the time of y…

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