Floatilla 2017
Floatilla 2017 kicked off yesterday at the Lewiston Sand Docks!
Talk of thunderstorms threatened to postpone the event but when 12:30 came around the sun was shining and participants set off towards Youngstown.
According to their Facebook page, they had 189 participants...
Lewiston Nun Steals $128,000 From Churches
A nun up in Lewiston must have had no money. In fact she probably had none at all (get it?) haha. A Lewiston nun has been accused of stealing $128,000 from two parishes where she worked and has recently pleaded not guilty to her charges and has since, been in gambling recovery.
Artpark To Charge For Tuesday Night Concert Series!
If you are a regular at the Artpark Tuesday night concert series in Lewiston, get ready to pay for those.  The Tuesday night series is no longer free.  Artpark tried the new pay model when Kansas came to town last year and decided to implement it for the full 2012 season.  One big reason for the cha…
Ghostly Gatherings In Lewiston This Weekend
If you’re in to spooky stuff this would be a cool thing to do this weekend.  Ghostly Gatherings in Lewiston takes place at the Portage House Motel on Portage road.  Motels get the wrap of being scary after the horror film ‘Psycho’.  The haunting i…