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Vacation Hack: Put This In Your Fridge Next Time You’re Out Of Town
Someone told me they do this while they go on vacation and I said, heck you should do this all the time.
We travel a ton, so this would be a good idea to put in your refrigerator if you're going to be leaving your house for a while. Here's how to keep you and your family from eating bad or spoiled fo…
Buffalo Life Hacks For Snow Coming To WNY [LIST]
It's the news most of us hate: It's going to snow in Buffalo--a lot.
Here's some Buffalo Winter Hacks that will get your ready in some (of the strangest, yet useful) ways this winter.
#1 Use Your Fan This Winter
This might sound nuts and counter productive to stay warm in your house this…
Buffalo Life Hack — Do This To Your Side Car Mirrors
You're in a hurry to get to work on time and run outside and your car is covered with snow and ice. It's a pain and let's be honest, once in a while you just scrape a little circle out so you can see and it's 'good enough for now'.
Toss plastic grocery bags or ziplock bags on your side mirrors when y…
Buffalo Life Hacks — Do This To Your Car Windshield
Remember that hurry you're in? Think about how long that ice is going to take to COMPLETELY scrape off your car windshield.
Try either of these two things:
1.)  In a spray bottle mix distilled vinegar with just a little water. That will prevent most ice build up from happening on your windsh…

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