Child Rapist Goes Free After One Whole Month in Jail
Stacey Rambold, who admitted raping 14-year-old Cherice Moralez in 2007, finished his 30-day term at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge on Thursday morning. Moralez, who at the time was a student at the high school where Rambold taught, committed suicide in 2010.
Man Chased Up Tree By Angry Deer
When one thinks of a deer, one thinks of a gentle Bambi-like creature. However, adult male deers can be pretty rough customers. Especially during mating season, when they use their sharp horns to jostle over female deer companionship.
Old Man falls on TV Show and loses tooth! [VIDEO]
My biggest fear  any time I'm in front of a big group is that I will trip and fall.  I seem to have the worse balance  and coordination in the world so when I get in front of people I just know I'm going to topple over and fall right down.