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Marcell Dareus Says Goodbye To Fans In Classy Letter
Last Friday's NFL trade that sent nose tackle Marcell Dareus from the Buffalo Bills to the Jacksonville Jaguars happened so quickly, Dareus was out of Buffalo so quickly he hardly had time to say goodbye.  He put his thoughts together about his time in Buffalo in a letter to the Buffalo Ne…
Buffalo Bills Rid Themselves Of a Big Problem
For a first round draft pick and number three overall in the 2011 college draft he turned out to be a huge disappointment for the Buffalo Bills.  Nose tackle Marcell Dareus is now a former Buffalo Bill after being traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday in exchange for a 6th round pic…
Another Buffalo Bill Hit With a Four-Game Suspension
As if winning games and advancing to the playoffs isn't hard enough, Buffalo Bills nose tackle Marcell Dareus has been assessed a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy.  This one for either a missed or failed drug test involving marijuana.
Brother of Bills’ Marcell Dareus Shot and Killed
Are you kidding me?  The news keeps getting worse for the Buffalo Bills.  There's word out of Birmingham, Alabama that the brother of Bills' DT Marcell Dareus was shot and killed during a robbery on Sunday.  19-year old Simeone Gilmour was one of three people who w…
I’ve Got Bills On The Brain
No, not like utility bills, the Buffalo Bills!! I don't know if it's the New Era Bills cap I just bought or the new Stevie Johnson Nike jersey I picked up but I got a fever... Bills fever! It's the Bills fault I feel like this.
Buffalo Bills Rookie Mowing Lawns During Lockout [Video]
The NFL Lockout is almost coming to an end.  The players and owners are set to come to an agreement very soon.  But what do the incoming players do to make money before those big contracts are signed?  If you're Marcel Dareus, you mow lawns to put food on your table.
Bills Add Defensive Depth In Draft
For a team that finished last season 4 & 12 the Buffalo Bills obviously have a lot of holes to fill.  And with one of the most pourous defensive units in the league it's no wonder the Bills concentrated heavily on defense.  Seven of their nine total picks over the three days of the draft were de…