Mark Flack Is This Week’s Hometown Hero!!
We are proud each week to tell you about people from right here in Western New York who help to ensure our freedom in our armed services.  This week, we honor 29 year old Sgt. Mark Flack with the United States Marine Corps.
This Week’s Hometown Hero Is LCpl Zacharey Riggs
It's truly amazing the sacrifices that our service men and women make to ensure our freedom.   Take this week's Hometown Hero, for instance.  He has always known that he was going to be a marine and even sacrificed seeing the birth of his son to make it happen.
This Week, We Honor Corporal David Liskiewicz As Our Hometown Hero!
Each week we recognize and honor the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom or have done their time and helped to protect us in the past. Along with that, we recognize that it takes a huge sacrifice from the family as well.
This week, we recognize 20-year-old Marine Corporal David Liskiewicz as ou…

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