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Memorial Day – What It’s Really About [VIDEO]
Memorial Day originated after the Civil War to commemorate the Union Soldiers killed in the war and was originally known as Decoration Day until 1882. In 1968 Congress moved four national holidays to Mondays in order to create convenient three day weekends.
Honor the Troops at These Western New York Memorial Day Parades
Memorial Day is this country’s annual salute to the men and woman of the armed forces who gave their lives in service of their country. There are dozens of services and ceremonies planned locally. But we were talking earlier this week about Memorial Day parades in this area and I was…
5 Ways to Observe Memorial Day
In America it's tradition to have family over on Memorial Day and cook out.  At least that's the way we do it at my house.  It's a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country.  We spend the day with our families because that's what these brave men and women in the mi…
Our Canadian Neighbors Celebrate Victoria Day Weekend!
The Memorial Day Holiday isn't until next weekend but this weekend brings a three day weekend for our neighbors to the North.  Its Canada’s Victoria Day weekendand the weather couldn't be better.  Sunny and in the eighties!  While lots of folks will be working in the yard and grilling out I’m sure w…
May 30th…Memorial Day & Our Anniversary (Video)
Hello All...First, let me say thank you to all the men and women of the Armed Forces dating back to this great nations founding who fought and died for our freedom. A freedom that allows me to celebrate another special day today...Our Wedding Anniversary!
8 Great Summer Vacation Movies [VIDEOS]
While summer doesn't officially start until June 21, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning to the hottest season at the movies.
Summer loses some of its meaning when you're an adult, since it no longer comes with a moths-long break from the grind.
Nevertheless, we can all still enjoy a…
Who are you Remembering this Memorial Day?
WYRK supports our troops and hopes everyone appreciates the sacrifices our military forces make for each and every one of us.
We want to know who you are remembering this Memorial day?  Leave a comment below and let us and all of our listeners know...
Memorial Day, A Day to Reflect
It’s Memorial Day weekend, a weekend filled with parties, picnics and most importantly memorial services. We’ve all heard many times that freedom is not free and this weekend we all should take time to reflect on those great folks that have given their lives to fight …
10 Extreme BBQ Aprons for Memorial Day Weekend
In honor of Memorial Day, and all the barbecuing that will take place during the three-day weekend, we've compiled a gallery of handmade aprons from craft site Etsy that are sure to let everyone know who's boss of the grill.
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