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Did Carrie Underwood Threaten To Quit Shaving During Hockey Playoffs?
Hockey playoffs are sort of a sore subject here in Buffalo because the Sabres aren’t in them but life and hockey goes on.  With the playoffs come a bunch of unshaven players who will grow out their beards during the course of the playoff season.  Carrie Underwood told people.com that she isn’t looki…
Ottawa’s Pop Radio Station Bans Underwood Music!!
This one was in our daily show prep and I just had to post it. Seems as if all of Ottawa is angry with Carrie Underwood, for her hubby Mike Fisher, being traded to Nashville!!
Last Thursday, the Twitter feed of Ottawa's pop radio station 105.3 KISS FM read "Since Mike Fisher....
Will Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Move to Nashville?
There has been some talk that Mike Fisher who plays for the Ottawa Senator’s may be traded to the Nashville Predator’s NHL team.   In his contract, it states that Mike does have some say as to where he ends up.  According to BleacherReport.com this part…
Shoes Vs. Deer!
This is a common argument I hear.  What to do with hunting trophies when you move in with someone? Looks like Mike and Carrie have figured it out.