Did TSA Go Too Far on Disabled Marine?
I've been saying for years that military, both active and retired, should have a separate lane or station at airports and bus stations for screening. I saw this story this morning and it got under my skin.
“Real Talk” From A U.S. Marine! [VIDEO]
I stumbled upon this video while perusing the internet this morning.  The video comes from the site and it features a U.S. Marine talking about why he joined and how war gives you thick skin.  Certainly, we know that already, but sometimes we need a reminder of how much some s…
Veterans, Thank You For Your Service
Today and tomorrow we pay tribute to American veterans.  The president will lay a wreath at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.  Thousands of people will show their support for our service men and women by lining the streets of New York City for the nation's Veterans Day Parade.

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