Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Mom
If you really want to give your mother a gift this Mother’s Day, here’s what to do:
Take on some of her most dreaded chores. You'll make any mother’s day by taking on one of the housework tasks on her “to-do” l…
Read Sons’ Hilarious Obituary For Mom
It is hard to say this is hysterical while trying to be respectful of Antonia Larroux's passing. But, her sons definitely hint that their mother was quite a jokester, or, at least, wouldn't have minded their obituary they printed for her.
Bossy Toddler Gives Dad the Business
Little August doesn't want help buckling her car seat. In fact, she recommends that you "worry 'bout yourself!" We love it. It's like the polite toddler version of "why don't you mind your own business, jerk?"
6 Year Old Steals Car, Knows Where She’s Going
Have you ever stolen your parent’s car underage? Be honest. Hopefully, you didn't do it this young though. A 6 year old girl from Pittsburgh decided to take a little joy ride. But, she knew who she was going to see that’s for sure.
Parents Publicly Humiliate Kids [PHOTOS]
Some kids just need to learn respect and have to learn things the hard way. Some kids have a hard time accepting that. But, some parents take to publicly humiliate kids to really prove their point. Take a look at some of these situations and pictures…
Sayings Your Mom ALWAYS Says
"Because I said so". Our mom's always have saying that for some reason get drilled in your head and for some reason every single mom says. When you get older you may even find yourself saying these already. They're funny cause you know they're true. Does your mom say…
Tattoo Virgin Goes Crazy, Mom Stunned
Do you have a tattoo? And if you do did it hurt? I don't think I would ever get one for a bunch of reasons but, this one kid on his 18th birthday goes with his mom and his friend. The mom doesn't know what to do nor the tattoo artist when the kid cannot take the pain of the needle...

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