Here’s How Much Tax You Will Be To Use Uber In Buffalo
Buffalo and all of New York State will have to pay a tax per ride, of course. Why wouldn't the State want to make money off of something?
In Governor Cuomo's budget, on EVERY SINGLE UBER RIDE, you would have to pay a 5.5% tax in order to use Uber that would go to New York State for a &q…
Here’s How Much It Costs Now To Raise A Child In The US
Listen, we all know raising a child isn't cheap. But, have you ever wondered just HOW MUCH you're spending to bring your child into adulthood?
According to the NY Post, The Department of Agriculture estimates that to raise a child from birth to the age of 17 it will cost parents $…
Gas Prices in Buffalo Are the Lowest in 12 Years
Woohoooo! Gas prices in Buffalo are hitting an all-time low, well they are the lowest they have been in YEARS anyway!
Gas prices are at their lowest seasonal prices since 2004. The average here in Buffalo right now is $2.36 and the national average is $2...
CAUGHT: Guy Pretending to Be Blind to Collect $1.3M
These are the people that I can't stand in New York – the people that take advantage of the system and give you ever excuse in the book.
In this case, these excuses were all lies.
John Caltabiano who is 49 from the Hudson area, applied for New York disability because he is 'blind'…
How Much Did President Obama Get Back in Taxes in 2016?
If you had to take a guess, how much do you think the President of the United States got back in his federal tax return this year? How much does the President make as a salary?
President Obama and his wife Michelle together made an adjusted gross income of $436,065, nearly 9 percent less than the yea…
File Your Last Minute Taxes in Buffalo for Free – Here’s How
Remember tax day is coming up on April 15, and you have to have yours filed by then and there's no excuse for filing late – almost everything is done electronically now.
New York state is offering free help and free filings at certain locations across Erie County as long as you fit wi…

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