Woman Honors Her Brother In A Very Cool Way At Restaurants
A $36 tip made her cry + we don't blame her.
We hear all the time of these people that gets these crazy, big tips at restaurants and it makes the waiter or waitresses' day and ends up on social media. This isn't exactly one of those cases becauseClaire Hudson only got 36 bucks, but may…
About Just How Much Does Garth Brooks Make Per Show?
The Illinois attorney general's office uncovered some records about Garth Brooks and his opening concert stops in Rosemont, Illinois right outside of Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune:
Rosemont agreed to pay Brooks $100,000 per sold-out show and a prorated sum for shows that didn't …
Goo Goo Dolls Are Getting Sued
For 20 years, the Goo Goo Dolls were Johnny Rzeznik, bassist Robert Takac and drummer Michael Malinin. In December 2013, Malinin claimed that he was fired from the band when he decided to take time to be a father to his newborn baby (which, by the way was cleared with the band in advanced already)..…
Meet the First Winners of our Cash Contest
We’ve been giving away cash two times a day throughout the month of November on-air! We’ve compiled a list of our winners so far, but we’re not done yet! There are still plenty of opportunities to win a grand on-air and $10,000 online. Check out the full list of winners below.

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