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Today Is National Anthem Day
Most people have a general idea of the inspiration behind "The Star-Spangled Banner". After a long overnight attack in August of 1814, the following morning the American flag was still flying over Fort McHenry, which guarded the harbor and city of Baltimore. The flag was battered a…
Why I Take My Hat Off For Our National Anthem [VIDEO]
I was out watching the Sabres/Bruins game Wednesday night. Did you see the pre-game ceremony? The National Anthem? To hear 18,000 people singing along to the most beautiful song ever written brought tears to my eyes, and from what I saw, many other grown men and women's eyes as well.
If America Needed A New National Anthem…Who Should Write It? [VIDEO]
The "Star Spangled Banner", our country's national anthem.  Penned by Francis Scott Key back in 1812 during the War of 1812.  It's a beautiful song which has been sung by many, perfected by a few (of course, Whitney Houston) and butchered by a handful (namely, Roseanne Barr).  For me,  the…

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