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[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Walker McGuire Song — ‘Til Tomorrow’
New Country duo Walker McGuire has their song called 'Til Tomorrow'. The duo formed over four years ago and signed with Wheelhouse records, an imprint of BBR. Take a listen to their new tune!
Walker McGuire Lyrics - Til Tomorrow 
It's good to be out again
Good to see all my friends
I had to get out of t…
[LYRICS] [LISTEN] New Dan And Shay ‘From The Ground Up’
Dan and Shay have a new single, 'From The Ground Up', which will be the first single off her sophomore album. This one may give a Thomas Rhett's 'Die A Happy Man' a run for its money.
Dan and Shay - From The Ground Up Lyrics
Grandma and grandpa painted a picture
 of 65 years in one little house
more tha…