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This Is The Biggest Turn Off For People From New York
We all have them, there is no denying it. Some things just rub us the wrong way and now we have them in a database for each state. There is a new sating app called HATER that is trying to capitalize on that. Instead of finding people who share your likes, let's find someone who shares your disl…
New York Drivers Are The Worst In The Nation
I'm not surprised at all by this survey.  How many times have you been on the road and had another driver speed up so you wouldn't pass them, refuse to let you merge, or pass you in the turning lane?  New York drivers are the worst!
See Why New York Is 2017’s 5th Most Fun State
It looks like New York is a fun place to be this year! WalletHub recently released a study "2017's Most Fun States in America" ranking states based on 22 key metrics to determine the state's "funness". Metrics like , Restaurants per Capita, Movie Theaters per Capita, Golf Courses…
List of State Jobs Available Here in Buffalo
If you know anyone looking for a job, pass this along! Mechanics, nurses, occupational therapists, auditors and many more positions are needed to be filled in New York State.
State jobs usually entail good benefits, decent pay and sometimes great pensions...
Here is The Most Searched Shopping Item in New York State
A lot of shopping happens online these days and that means trends are being recorded and the world is getting a peek into some of our most embarrassing shopping habits. Some of the items that came up in these findings are definitely out of left field and some make a lot of sense...
New York State Falls On List Of Best Fifty States To Live
While it isn't number one, it also isn't number fifty. U.S. News & World Report has released a list of the best states to live in based on a list of criteria including education, healthcare, infrastructure and economy. And while many people in each state thinks theirs is the b…
Shopping in New York State Just Got Sweeter
New York is known for some higher fees and taxes than in most states. But it doesn't win the highest award for one tax in particular. New York falls all the way back to ninth place in the sales tax race!
New York Governor Blocks Bag Law
In a state that continually finds ways to charge for just about everything, New York's Governor has shelved a law that would charge for bags in grocery stores.

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