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The New York Mets Move into Syracuse
New York Mets fans won't have to travel far to see their farm club! Details are being finalized for the plan involving the purchase of the Triple A minor league team in Syracuse.
Check This! See If New York Owes You Money!
New York may owe YOU money--imagine that!
New York has a record $15 billion in unclaimed funds so, you definitely tell you family to check this to make sure they're not on this list (or really, better yet fingers crossed that they are...
New York Sets All-Time Record for Seat Belt Compliance
This is great news! The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee announced over the weekend that drivers and passengers have set a new record for compliance with New York’s seat belt law. A total of 93.41 percent of drivers and passengers buckled up and this the …
This Is The Biggest Turn Off For People From New York
We all have them, there is no denying it. Some things just rub us the wrong way and now we have them in a database for each state. There is a new sating app called HATER that is trying to capitalize on that. Instead of finding people who share your likes, let's find someone who shares your disl…

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