See What Celebrities Are Saying About Tom Brady [TWEETS]
Everyone in the country is debating whether or not Tom Brady's punishment is too 'harsh'. Everyone in Buffalo doesn't give a crap how long or whether Tom Brady's punishment is too 'harsh'. It's happening and we love it.
Let's see what some celebrities are thinking:
Why do we always try to destroy our …
Patriots Un-amused By Obama’s Deflated Football Joke [VIDEO]
I'm sure Buffalo Bills fans liked President Obama's deflated football joke a little bit more than the New England Patriots did.
Every year the team that wins the Super Bowl will visit with the President at the White House and Obama has had the pleasure to host the New England Patriots a few…
Buffalo Bills Drive To The Playoffs Begins At Home
The Buffalo Bills 2015 schedule was released Tuesday night and it features the Bills playing three of their first four games and their final two games of the season at Wilson Stadium.
The Bills open the season on Sunday, Sept. 13th when they host the Indianapolis Colts in quarterback Andrew Luck&apos…
Rex Ryan And The Bills Featured In Sports Illustrated
Anybody that's a Buffalo Bills fan has to be excited about what the future holds.  After 15 seasons out of the playoffs it has more than tested our patience.  With new head coach Rex Ryan's arrival in town there's a new swagger that this franchise hasn't seen in ye…

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