What Would Your Food Pyramid Look Like?
Vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy....we all know the kinds of things we're supposed to eat each day. But what if none of that mattered? What if we could decide on our own the most important things in our diet?
Which Airlines Provides The Best Food?
I have to be honest...when I'm thousands of feet in the air, the last thing I'm thinking of is food or the quality of food being served.  Most of my trips are short enough that the meal consists of peanuts, a beverage and trail mix...or whatever they hand out now.  OK, maybe an a…
How Healthy Is the Salad You Eat?
I came across an article that listed some of the most pointless salad ingredients.
Salads are supposed to be healthy – usually raw vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, but then we add all kinds of things to make it unhealthy – or questionable at the very least.
I don’t completely agree with every…