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Olympic Torch Passed To Rio
The Olympic Games of London are now history. The United States led the medal count by a wide margin with 104 total medals, 17 more than second place China and a total of 46 gold medals, 8 more than China. Great Britain did very well coming in third place in total medals and in gold medals.
What is the Most Difficult Event at the Olympic Games? [POLL]
Last night, I did what many people end up doing late at night when the Olympics are on: I found myself watching a sport that I didn't even know existed.  It was called the men's canoe doubles, and it looked ridiculously hard. Which got me thinking -- what is the hardest event at …
Canandaigua Native Wins First Team USA Gold at Olympics
American swimmer Ryan Lochte took the first gold medal for the American team at the London Olympics on Saturday by winning the 400-meter individual medley.  Michael Phelps came in fourth in the event and failed to win a medal.  Phelps has already won 14 gold medals in his Olympic career and will get…
First Modern Olympics – Dale’s Daily Data
After more than 15-hundred years the Olympic Games resumed in Greece on this date in 1896.   60-thousand spectators were on hand as 13 nations sent athletes to compete in Athens in what is now considered the modern Olympics. 
Compared to the incredible two-week events we’re familiar with, there were …